How Do You Stop Casino Spam?

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Annoyed by the casinos’ spam emails? Unfortunately, you can’t always avoid spam emails; however, it becomes less annoying by following these tricks.

How Do You Stop Casino Spam
How Do You Stop Casino Spam

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Use a unique email address

Before you create an account at a non GamStop casino, open the web browser and go to the Gmail or Outlook page, for example. Create a separate email account with a unique nickname. Then register at the online casino with this unique email address. If you do start receiving spam, at least you won’t have to deal with it every day. You can use this new email address for all your accounts at non GamStop casinos.

Contact Non GamStop Casino Customer Support

If you receive spam emails from an online casino where you have already registered an account, you can ask customer support for help. Reliable non GamStop casinos value their reputation. They will solve your problem with priority. They are of course aware that if they do not take action, it will damage their image. Moreover, you can also log into your casino account and select the option to unsubscribe from promotional emails. You will probably no longer receive marketing emails from the online casino.

Don’t Ignore Spam, Report It

If you actually receive spam from an online casino where you have not created an account. Suppose the online casino does not stop spamming, you can also report this directly to the Gaming Authority. If the problem is of major magnitude, they can also apply sanctions and, in extreme cases, revoke the gambling license.

Use a Spam Filter

The easiest way to get rid of spam is to use a good quality spam filter. Most email providers already integrate a separate inbox as standard to temporarily store spam emails. In addition, spam is also immediately blocked if it is sent on a large scale.

The Main Types of Spam in Online Casinos

Illegal casinos and scammers come up with numerous ways to lure people into their networks via spam. To make the player do what they want, they use several basic resources:

  • Casino spam emails;
  • False pages;
  • Keywords;
  • Texts and phone calls.

Let’s see how each of these tools works in practice.

Casino Spam Emails

This is the most commonly used method, the link can come in an email or by text message. The text is written at the beginning, with the aim of motivating the person to click the button. You won a million, the best bonuses are just for you, get absolutely free free spins, a new lottery with big wins are just the most popular examples. In some cases the text can be more disturbing – your online casino account has been hacked, your card is at risk, restore access to your account, others.

The link itself of such a promotional email can lead anywhere – to a fake website, to a form to be filled out, to an empty page. By clicking on such a link, the player confirms his email address (that it is active), that he is playing at a particular casino (new message from Fair Play – your account has been blocked, click here to restore access), or hooks a virus that will cause fraudsters to steal his personal information.

Fake Pages

Ideally, a link from a spam email or text message should lead somewhere. This is done by creating fake pages, which can be a copy of the official gambling site. It looks as similar as possible, although in some cases it only shows a nice splash screen and a form – register, and only then you see a site with games. If you enter your details on such a page – they simply fall into the hands of fraudsters, and they can now be used to log into your account at a real online casino, or to hack your accounts. In the meantime, you may be redirected to an illegal online casino that is unlikely to offer you security and fairness.

SMS & Calls

This is another way to attract the attention of gullible players – by sending a text message or calling a mobile phone. Often the SMS sender’s number is hidden and the name of the online casino is displayed – this is done to reassure the person that the message is official. The SMS itself contains the shortest possible text:

  • You have won the lottery, click on the link and claim your prize;
  • You have entered the lottery, click on the link and make a payment to receive the gift;
  • 1,000 free spins and €1,000 – a gift for the best customers, follow the link and take it with you.

There are many variations of the text, the point is the same – to motivate someone to open a link from a mobile phone. Nowadays the smartphone is a big part of our lives, carrying a lot of data – phone numbers, apps, banking and more. Gaining access to so much information is a huge opportunity for scammers.

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