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On the TheGamePoint website you will find an online casino list of various safe non GamStop casinos where you can gamble online. Due to the current wide range of online casinos, it is inevitable that there are also online casinos that take the rules a little less closely. For this reason we introduce the online casino blocklist. Casinos that you encounter on this list should be avoided at all costs for various reasons. Also, on this page, we will show you how to recognize an unreliable online casino and we will provide you with a list of online casinos that are not worth visiting! Also read our reviews of non-gamstop sports betting casinos.

Blocklisted Rogue Casinos - Your Guide to Rogue Sites
Blocklisted Rogue Casinos – Your Guide to Rogue Sites

List of Reviewed Online Casinos not on gamstop

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Last Updated: July 2024

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Read on to Discover:

  • How to spot a scam casino and why you should stay away from it!
  • For what reasons have the relevant online casino been blocklisted and since what date.
  • How we continually review online casinos to keep our lists up to date.

On our blocklist you will come across different online casinos from different countries. These are the most unsafe websites within the online gambling industry and you are strongly advised against gambling here. For example, not every online casino that is in our top 10 online casinos is a blocklisted casino.

There are plenty of good casinos that may not be the best of the best. However, these can still be great casinos that follow all the rules and treat the players fairly.

The great thing about the internet is that people can express their opinion about anything and complain about anything in an instant. This happens, for example, at restaurants and shops. On Facebook and on review sites. Really everywhere. This also applies to online casinos.

The moment players run into problems at an online casino, they tell us about it.

Every complaint, every problem and for every casino. If there are enough complaints and we see a certain pattern emerging, we report this to the relevant casino.

In our list below you will find an overview of online casinos and the most common complaints we have received. This allows you to paint a picture of what problems you may encounter in this online casino.

Some issues may make you decide not to play at that casino.

But if you do decide to play at a casino, it is important that you are aware of it. It is wise to check this page regularly, as things in the online casino world are constantly changing.

List of Scam Casinos

  • 21 Dukes
  • 50 Stars
  • Balzac Casino
  • 21Grand Casino
  • Casino Fiz
  • Absolute Poker
  • 50Stars Casino
  • Gold VIP Club Casino 
  • Euro Fortune Casino
  • Cats Eye Casino
  • 7Regal Casino
  • 7Spins 
  • Casino Pure
  • Vegas Raging Bull Casino
  • Rome Casino
  • Slots Oasis Super Casino
  • Wild Vegas Casino
  • Win As Dealer
  • Slots500 Casino
  • GoSlotty Casino
  • W88 Casino
  • 1bet2bet
  • 1×2 Gaming
  • 7 Sultans
  • Triomphe Casino
  • Pirate Spin Casino
  • Slotty Vegas Casino
  • EZ Scratch
  • All Star Slots
  • Amco Casino
  • Aztec Casino
  • Dream Casino
  • Lady Dream
  • Win Palace
  • Casino Room
  • VIP Golden Club
  • 7Reels
  • Mighty Slots
  • Grand Reef
  • Rockbet
  • Slots Jackpot Casino
  • Prestige Casino
  • Deuce Club Casino
  • Bella Vegas
  • Brandy Casino
  • Atlantic Casino
  • Blu Casino
  • Casino Bordeaux
  • Golden Galaxy
  • Road House Reels
  • iNetBet Casino
  • 21 Dukes Casino
  • Cosmik Casino
  • Exclusive Bet Casino
  • Lake Palace Casino
  • Las Casino Vegas

Why We Added Those Casinos to the Blocklist?

Some online casinos receive complaint after complaint after complaint. And what is perhaps even worse is that they ignore these complaints and show no improvement.

The casinos on our blocklist are online casinos that do not meet our strict criteria. Our team of experts regularly investigates complaints we receive from our visitors. We take these very seriously at all times.

Below you will find an overview of some reasons why a casino can end up on the blocklist:

Casinos Don’t Payout Players’ Winnings

You play to have fun, but of course you also play to win money. So on the day you finally hit that jackpot, you want the money to be in your account quickly.

At some casinos this happens quite immediately after the withdrawal. Other casinos can take about 30 days, but this is usually acceptable as long as the payout takes place. It only becomes a problem if that payment never appears on your account again!

However, most bad casinos are not blocklisted for lying about your money. Instead, online casinos claim that the winnings have been obtained illegally!

Casinos Using Manipulated RNGs

It is normal that you can lose a number of times in a row at an online casino game, which also applies to winning a number of times in a row.

But if a website does not have a good RNG that can ensure that every hand, spin, and rolled dice is completely random, then this online casino is a scam.

The same, of course, applies when the RNG is flawed or modified.

Misleading Ads

Casinos that advertise free money, which proves almost impossible to claim after signup, are scams. However, this does not apply if casinos state everything clearly about the free money in their terms and conditions.

Spamming Members With Emails & Text Messages 

We believe in honest marketing strategies. The worst casinos that spam the players and do not apply a good marketing strategy are therefore scams.

There are online casinos that regularly send updates about new games and casino bonuses. This is of course completely normal and we love this too. However, to a certain extent!

Other Questionable Practices

Casinos with poor customer service, too long response times, unstable software.

Furthermore, casinos without proper encryption protocol, which keeps your info and financial data safe, are also scams.

How We Compile Our Blocklist?

We use a careful multi-step review process to compile our list of the best online casinos and the scam casinos that you should avoid.

We rate each aspect of the casino, such as:

  • Payment processing
  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Bonuses
  • Customer service
  • Game selection
  • Software quality
  • Encryption technology
  • Protection

Logically, by reviewing all casinos in our search for the best, we immediately get a picture of the worst casinos.

If alarm bells start ringing for various reasons, such as: 

  • Terrible customer service
  • Poor payout conditions

We will do more research to see what exactly the problem is.

Most rogue online casinos that underperform in an important category end up on the blocklist. However, this process does not happen automatically. Our team will contact the online casino to find out whether our problem is an isolated one or not.

Safe & Reliable Online Casinos

It seems like more and more online casino sites appear out of nowhere on the internet these days.

Of course it is very interesting to look for a new casino, but you should always keep your guard up and remember that not all online casinos are honest and reliable.

So if you are looking for a new online casino to play at, always keep an eye out. Finding an online casino that meets all requirements is not easy!

FAQ About Scam Online Casinos

Playing in a safe and reliable online casino is of course extremely important. It is therefore important to understand when an online casino is labeled as unreliable. For this reason, we have set up this FAQ section to answer the most frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions, you can always contact our team!

What is an online casino that has been blocklisted?

A scam online casino is an online casino that does not provide acceptable service to its players. This could be for many reasons, including holding profits, not fair games, or poor customer service.

Why should I avoid these casinos?

You should avoid all scam casinos as they simply do not provide a good gaming experience to the players.
At best, they make you wait for a while before you can withdraw your money, and at worst, they offer games that are completely unreliable. Especially since there are so many great online casinos nowadays, there is no point in playing at a substandard casino.

What if I’ve already signed up for an unreliable casino?

If you have already registered with one of these sites, we strongly recommend that you initiate your withdrawal immediately.

Can I get my money back from scam casinos?

Getting your money back at one of these casinos is possible, but unfortunately not guaranteed.
If you have not received the money within a reasonable amount of time, you should contact the casino and report it.
If this also goes nowhere, you can contact the regulatory body responsible for licencing that casino and file a complaint there.

How can I recognize an untrustworthy site?

One of the biggest signs that an online casino cannot be trusted is if it is not licenced by a well-known iGaming organization.
Other things to look at are the complaints on various casino forums and whether the site looks unprofessional. But the easiest way to spot an untrustworthy site is to just scroll through our list!

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