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UFC is one of the most famous and popular extreme sports. This hybrid sport is a mixture of different types of full-contact combat sports such as boxing, judo, wrestling, and karate. The game rules allow kicking, hitting and dropping the opponent, but it prohibits biting, touching the eyes, strikes or kicks to the throat. In recent years, UFC has become mainstream and outdone all other combat sports. In terms of sports betting, UFC has become the number one sport in the combat sports category at all non GamStop bookmakers, surpassing WWE and boxing. You can also try your luck at UK online casinos.

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Last Updated: July 2024

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What Is UFC Sport?

Modern UFC was founded by businessman Art Davie and Brazilian martial artist Rorion Gracie in 1993. The goal was to find the “Ultimate Fighting Champion” by organizing a one-night tournament featuring the best athletes in various martial arts, including karate, wrestling, jujitsu, kickboxing, wrestling, sumo, and more. With time, young people have come to believe that this sport includes the best of both worlds in self-defence. So, it has become one of the most popular disciplines in clubs, gyms, and universities.

At its beginning, UFC was unregulated in many countries and many voices were calling for this sport to be completely banned describing it as “human cockfighting'”! Given that it does not include laws and does not preserve the safety of the fighters. However, with time the sport was legalized and safety standards were raised to be on par with other grinding sports.

There are a lot of reasons why the UFC betting has exploded in popularity lately and they include the cohesive ruleset, cultural diversity, and the ability to easily watch MMA bouts online. Thanks to all of these reasons and more, the UFC shed its no-holds-barred image and emerged as one of the fastest-growing, globally watched sports in the early 2000s.

Weight Classes in the UFC

There are nine divisions of the players’ weights in UFC, which are:

  • Flyweight, 56.7 kg.
  • Bantamweight – up to 61.2 kg.
  • Featherweight – up to 65.8 kg.
  • Lightweight – up to 70.3 kg.
  • Welterweight – up to 77.1 kg.
  • Middleweight – up to 83.9 kg.
  • Light Heavyweight – up to 93.0 kg.
  • Heavyweight – up to 120.2 kg.
  • Super Heavyweight, which is the classification that has no limit in weights, starting from the lowest weight that precedes it, and even the unlimited.

The Fight Arena

UFC often takes place inside a cage-like octagon arena. According to the unified rules of UFC betting, the fence surrounding the ring must be circular, or at least 6-sided, and if similar to a closed cage, 8-sided. Also, fights can take place in the traditional boxing ring.

Winning the UFC Match betting sites

There are several ways for a mixed martial arts player to win a fight:

  • Forfeit: the player’s withdrawal due to injury or because his weight has increased/decreased from the permissible limits.
  • No contest: If both fighters continually break the rules 
  • Technical knockout (TKO): This is when the fighter’s doctor declares that he is unable to complete it due to his injury, or when a fight is ended by the referrer.
  • Knockout: A fight-ending single powerful blow that usually causes the loss of consciousness.
  • Decision: If all rounds of the bout are completed without a winner being determined, the three judges decide the outcome of the bout, based on the fighters’ points.
  • Submission: Here, the athlete announces that he is unable to complete the match, thereby signifying his surrender and loss. This is done by hitting his hand on the ground of the ring or the body of the opponent, or by simply saying it in a loud and clear voice. The player’s surrender can also be counted if he suffers a serious injury, such as breaking one of his bones. 

Types of UFC Betting not on gamstop

Below, we will introduce you to the most prominent types of bets that you can place on UFC.

Moneyline Bet

The moneyline bet is the most straightforward wager in all of sports betting, including UFC.

To win this bet, you simply choose an athlete to win the game. It doesn’t matter how the fighter will win, how long it takes them to achieve it; just pick the fighter that you think he will win the game only.

Method of victory

Another popular type of UFC betting is the victory way bet. As the name makes clear, this bet relates to the way the fight ends – instead of picking the winner of the fight, you’re betting on how the fight will end.

The Double Chance

This bet is a combination of moneyline and winning method bets as the player has to predict the winning fighter and the way the fight will end.


The over/under rounds bet relates to the time the battle will last. The sportsbook will mark a line (usually 2.5 rounds or 1.5 rounds) and the bettor has to say whether the fight will be longer or shorter than this line.

Proposal Bets

Proposal bets or specials are events in which the sportsbook asks you whether or not you think they will happen. The disadvantage of these bets is that they are very difficult to predict. However, these bets offer huge payouts.

Live betting

The last type of UFC bet we want to talk about is a betting style that includes all of the previous bets. Live betting is also called “in-game” betting or “in-match betting”. Players can place this bet after the fight has started. However, note that the odds change quickly. So, you should place your live bet quickly.

Do I Need to Use All These Betting Types to Make a Profit From UFC Betting?

The short answer to this question is of course no! Although some bets are very tempting to try, we always advise our readers to focus on just one or two types of UFC bets. 

If you are good at predicting winners, then the moneyline bet is right for you, but if you are better at predicting the method of victory, you can stick to this bet.

The secret to success betting on the UFC or another combat sport is identifying what you are good at and focusing your efforts on it.

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