How to Delete Gambling Accounts?

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There can be a variety of reasons for deleting a casino account. Maybe you’ve discovered new games that your favorite online casino doesn’t offer or maybe your taste has just changed and you’ve had enough of slots and would rather play table games like roulette, blackjack or poker. No matter what applies to you, you don’t have to give reasons for deleting the account. Nevertheless, you will be asked about it because the casino operators want to respond if a reason is mentioned very often. You can say the reason, but you don’t have to.

How to Delete Gambling Accounts
How to Delete Gambling Accounts

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Here are some possible reasons at a glance:

  • I don’t like the offer anymore
  • Games from a certain provider have been removed from the program
  • Customer support is difficult or impossible to reach
  • You have found a casino with better bonus offers
  • You want to ban yourself for playing too much

Deregistration From a Casino Is Possible Temporarily or Permanently

If you no longer like what an online casino has to offer, there are three options. The first would be to simply leave the account existing and dormant. After all, no one obliges players to take care of his account. It is important to know that some casinos charge a fee if you are inactive for too long. However, this usually only happens if there is still money in the account. If the account balance is zero, this fee will be waived. Instead, the account will then be closed.

This is the second option that is also open to you. If you are sure that you no longer want to play at the casino, you can delete the account. This has the additional advantage that you will no longer be bombarded with messages and bonus offers. Transparent and therefore reputable casinos provide the option in a clearly visible manner. If the logout button is hidden, you can of course also contact customer service and get help.

The third option is to block the account instead of deleting it. The law requires online casinos to provide clear information on how players can protect themselves from gambling addiction. You’ve probably seen the “Play Responsibly” link in your casino several times. Using this link you can, among other things, set limits or have yourself blocked for a certain period of time. This is usually possible from a period of 24 hours. This can last up to a year or you will be given the option to close the account indefinitely.

How You Can Delete Your Casino Account?

Some casinos offer an automated process for deleting the casinos’ accounts. For example, at 888 Casino you can delete your account very easily and in just a few steps. To do this, all you have to do is fill out and submit the form under the “Close account” menu item. However, for security reasons, closing an account in many casinos is often only possible with the help of customer service.

This way you can also be sure that the deletion is handled properly. Of course, you should have any existing credit paid out beforehand. After approximately two working days you will receive a confirmation by email and the cancellation is considered complete.

Will All Data Be Deleted From the Casino?

Customer data is an important asset for every company in business. That’s why many companies find it difficult to actually delete all data. It is no different in the casino industry. If you request deletion, the player account will simply be “placed on hold”. This means that the data is no longer visible to you, but remains in the system.

However, you can insist on having customer data deleted. However, you must explicitly inform customer service about this during the deletion process. Then, all other data will be deleted except for your name and date of birth. With this approach, the casinos want to prevent double registrations.

Can I Restore my Deleted Account?

This varies from case to case and often depends on the reason for termination. If the account was just put on hold and you were a good customer with whom there were no disagreements, you may be lucky and hope for the casino’s goodwill. If the account is deleted for reasons of gambling addiction or money worries, the casino will usually not agree to reopen the account.

Conclusion: Having Your Casino Account Deleted Is Quick, But Doesn’t Always Make Sense!

If you want to have your Casino account deleted, no obstacles will stand in your way. Everything can be taken care of quickly with a short, informal message to support. Just a re-verification for deregistration may take some time.

So far so good. However, we can only really recommend account deletion to very few players. If you don’t have acute gaming problems, it’s enough to choose a temporary exit or let your account rest.

This gives you the opportunity to get back in when you are no longer at risk or when you realize that the casino isn’t so bad after all. Once your account has been completely deleted, re-entry is quite difficult!

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