Underdog Betting – Is It Profitable to Bet on the Underdog?

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A football powerhouse like Liverpool is on the field against the number 20 from the Premier League. For many gamblers it may seem like a done deal. But do you really want to bet on the big favorite when the odds are so low? Also consider betting on the underdog. This strategy may be risky, but it can significantly increase your cash flow. The odds are often even higher than you expect based on the statistics. Betting on the underdog takes a lot of courage. And okay… you have to be able to handle losing. The fact is that you will lose a lot of bets with this strategy. The trick is to do good research and, above all, to persevere. When you win a bet, the non GamStop bookmaker deposits a nice amount of money into your account in one go. This is betting the way betting is meant to be! 

Underdog Betting – Is It Profitable to Bet on the Underdog
Underdog Betting – Is It Profitable to Bet on the Underdog

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It’s All About Those Nice Odds!

Why would you bet money on a club that, according to non GamStop bookmakers, has no chance? There is only one possible answer: the high odds.

Betting on the underdog can easily yield four, five, six or seven times your stake.

Maybe you even dare to choose a match with higher odds.

It seems like a rash move to bet on a club that is so clearly the underdog. However, you should not be put off by the high odds; you should use them to your advantage.

Novice gamblers at non GamStop bookmakers often think odds give a realistic picture of the match. But bookmakers without GamStop are indeed working in a strategic way. For example, they look at public opinion. Of course, the majority trusts a victory for the big favorite.

The bookies know this too, which is why they keep the odds extra low. To encourage gamblers, the numbers for the underdog, on the other hand, are extra high. In addition, non GamStop casinos and bookmakers often have too much confidence in the favorite. They automatically assume that the club in the favorite role will win anyway. Betting on the underdog therefore offers you a great opportunity to find value. 

Every Football Season Has Surprising Results

Betting on the underdog has a major advantage and a major disadvantage. It is that eternal battle between high odds and the risk of the bet.

It may seem impossible to win when you bet on the underdog, but there are plenty of examples of surprising results.

Fans of Spanish football still remember FC Barcelona’s match against Leganés, the eventual number 13 of the 2018/2019 season.

Very quickly in the second half, Leganés made it 2-1, and Barcelona was unable to turn the tide.

A great day for everyone who dared to bet on the underdog! Things sometimes go wrong in our own country too. For example, who would have thought that the great Feyenoord would go home with a loss after a visit to De Vijverberg? De Graafschap managed to win the 2018/2019 season match 2-0. Betting on the underdog was among most non GamStop bookies been good for odds between 6.80 and 7.00. So quite profitable. 

Losing Is a Part of Betting on the Underdog

Stories like this about surprising results immediately make you want to bet on the underdog. However, you should not forget that these bets are above all very risky. There’s just a real chance you’ll lose. Gamblers who like to bet on the underdog really factor in those losses. They know they are taking a big risk and that they may lose their stake. But at the same time, they put all their hope in that small percentage that indicates that the underdog can win. Now you shouldn’t think that these gamblers are just going to bet blindly on a match. Of course, they need a lot of luck to win the bet, but they also do good research.

By analyzing the football matches and strategically assessing the chances of the underdog, they ultimately arrive at the matches with the most potential.

The chances of winning are still small, but less small than in some other competitions where there is a clear favorite and underdog. Analyzing statistics, following the current football news and daring to choose the underdog are the most important ingredients for a successful bet.

How Profitable Is Betting on the Underdog Actually?

Betting on the underdog can earn you a nice amount of money in one go. Yet it is also important that you look at the longer term. So how profitable is this strategy really? Suppose you bet five times in a row on a match in which a big club takes on the clear underdog.

In these types of duels, the odds for the favorite sometimes do not exceed 1.40. If you bet an amount of €100 on the favorite all five times, you will make a total profit of €200. Do you believe in the underdog strategy?

In that case, you might want to look for bets where the odds are at least 8.00. The first four single bets are lost, but the fifth time is a hit.

The underdog wins and so do you! If you bet €100 each time, you will make a total profit of €300.

The underdog strategy can be very profitable, although the size of the odds certainly plays a major role. Moreover, the more bets you lose, the higher the winning amount must be to compensate for this. So think carefully about whether this betting strategy really suits you. 

Are You Ready to Bet on the Underdog?

Betting on the underdog at non GamStop bookmakers is becoming increasingly popular. Logical too, because who can resist those high odds?

Keep in mind that profits will be more erratic when you choose this strategy.

It is almost impossible to predict when you will finally take that profit. Don’t be discouraged if football betting isn’t going so well. Also see our reviews about OLBG.

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