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Proven baccarat card game tactics. Playing baccarat is fun; winning is more fun. This complete baccarat squeeze not on GamStop strategy guide will help you improve your odds and your game. Learn the secret of the best baccarat strategies and systems, when to use them, and more baccarat tips for casino success!

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4 Important Tips to Start Playing Baccarat Squeeze Not on GamStop for Money

Before we break down the most popular baccarat strategies, here are 4 baccarat tips you should know before playing baccarat for money: 

  1. Learn the Rules, Odds, Bets, and Payouts 

Playing baccarat without knowing the rules is like swimming without a swimming certificate: not a good idea. You will sooner ‘drown’ in the complex nuances of the card game and thus – in addition to money – lose the fun faster. So learn the rules, such as the third card rules.

  1. Choose a Baccarat variant that suits you 

Baccarat comes in many forms: from Punto Banco to Baccarat Squeeze. And each baccarat variant has its own nuances. So choose one that suits your level, playing style, and budget. You’ll find a comprehensive analysis of the different forms of casino baccarat in our detailed guide. It will help you find the best baccarat game for your taste!

  1. Set a Clear Budget & Profit Target

Managing your bankroll is crucial to success (and fun) in the battle against the casino. So before you start playing baccarat for money, think about the following questions: how much do you want to spend on the game? And how much profit are you satisfied with? With a clear budget and profit target, you play disciplined and have fun. 

  1. Manage Your Time 

It’s easy to lose yourself in the baccarat card game, so it’s so important to manage your time well. For example, only play for a fixed period and at times when you really have time. This way, you will certainly not play longer than desired. You can read more tips and tricks for responsible gaming here. 

Over the years, strategies have been developed to systematically improve baccarat. These methods do not guarantee success, but they do offer better chances of profit. In addition, they give more structure and stability to your game.

To make it easier to find a baccarat strategy to your liking, we introduce below the most popular baccarat strategies, including their pros and cons: 

Baccarat Squeeze Not on GamStop Strategy #1: Baccarat One-Sided Strategy (BOSS) 

The ‘Baccarat One-Sided Strategy (BOSS)’ is the simplest, and perhaps the best, baccarat strategy of all

As the name suggests, with the BOSS strategy, you bet on one hand: the player (‘punto’) or banker (‘banco’). The goal is then to win an x ​​number of rounds per shoe so that you leave the house with a profit.

In terms of chances of winning, the banker and player bet hardly differ from each other, 45.9 and 44.6 percent, respectively, although a 5% commission is often deducted from the former bet.

Very simple strategy to start withIt may take a while before you really make a profit
No complex betsThe house edge remains almost the same

Baccarat Squeeze Not on GamStop Strategy #2: The Trend Switch Combat Strategy

The idea behind this strategy is that each baccarat card game follows different ‘trends’, patterns that can be visualized by following and analyzing tables and graphs of game results. 

The ‘Trend Switch Combat Strategy’ is, therefore, nothing more than breaking with the current game pattern at the right time.

After two consecutive losses on banker bets, switch to player bets, and vice versa. That way, in theory, you should be on the right side of the score more often. 

Very flexible strategyRequires a thorough analysis of the game
You can keep playing without a breakNot suitable for pure beginners

Baccarat Strategy #3: Breaking The Doubles Strategy 

This is a modern strategy that takes advantage of the fact that 90% of all outcomes in baccarat follow a certain trend: 

  • Zigzag Zone: Zigzag Patterns in the Outcomes (PBPBPB)
  • Streaky Banker/Player: streaks of the banker or the player (BBB / PPP)

With the ‘Breaking the Doubles Strategy’ you bet on the former trend. If you score the target profit, you stop. If you run into a double streak while playing, you double your bet immediately on the side that just lost. 

Clear way of playing baccaratYou have to stay very focused
Great way to achieve your profit goalPerhaps a bit boring

Baccarat Squeeze Not on GamStop strategy #4: Counting Cards in Baccarat?  

Card counting is a tried and tested blackjack strategy that can also work in baccarat. And just like in that other popular card game, you do that again by assigning points to specific cards that come on the table: 

  • Ace, 2 or 3 : +1 point 
  • 4 : +2 points
  • 6: -2 points
  • 5, 7, 8: -1 point
  • 9, 10 : 0 points

What do you do with that information? With a total of 16 or more points, you bet on the player. If not, you go for the banker. It doesn’t get any easier. 

Helps to push down the house edge (further).Not suitable for poor calculators
Makes it possible to predict the game (better).Not as effective as in blackjack
It makes the game even more intenseTakes time to master

Baccarat Squeeze Not on GamStop Strategy #5: 1-3-2-4 Baccarat Strategy 

The ‘1-3-2-4 Baccarat Strategy’ is an entertaining method of limiting your losses while earning small but frequent wins.

With this strategy, like the Fibonacci system (see later), you follow a specific sequence that specifies exactly what to bet; in this case, 1-3-2-4.

You start with 1 unit (e.g., €1), then increase it to 3 units, then decrease it again to 2 units, to finish with 4 units. At least, as long as you win, each loss will take you back to the beginning of the sequence. Ditto after completing the sequence. 

Nice and clear way of playing baccaratIn terms of profit, often ‘small beer’
Effective way to limit lossesFun for entertainment, not for pure profit

Baccarat Squeeze Not on GamStop Strategy #6: Martingale Betting System

The Martingale betting system, known for roulette and craps, is simple: if you lose, double your bet until you win. After a win, you immediately go back to your original bet.

In this way, you optimally benefit from the highest bet in the cycle, which not only compensates for any losses but also takes a small profit. 

We advise betting on the player bet, as it pays better than the banker bet. 

Very simple strategyNot suitable for long playing sessions
Ideal for players with a large walletOnly effective with a large bankroll

Baccarat Strategy #7: Fibonacci Strategy 

As the name implies, the Fibonacci strategy revolves around the famous Fibonacci sequence. This is a mathematical sequence where the next number is equal to the sum of the two previous numbers.

The implementation is simple: if you lose, you follow the series, if you win, you go back two steps. Each number of the Fibonacci sequence indicates exactly how much you should multiply your first bet.

Easier than the MartingaleRequires a large bankroll
Ideal for long gaming sessionsRisk of big losses

Baccarat Squeeze Not on GamStop Strategy #8: Paroli Betting System 

As a ‘positive progression betting system’, the Paroli is the opposite of the Martingale betting system: double your bet when you win, until you lose. The goal is to win three times in a row and then close the door of the casino behind you. So hit and run

Easy to learn and useRequires a hefty budget
Ideal as a hit-and-run strategyRisk of significant loss if not stopped in time

Baccarat Squeeze Not on GamStop Strategy #9: Labouchere Betting System 

The Labouchere strategy is ideal for players with a clear profit goal

This betting system starts by creating a series of numbers consisting of numbers that add up to your target amount. Example: you want to win €10, your sequence can be 1-2-3-4 or 2-2-2-2-2, as long as the total is 10. 

Once the sequence is established, you can get started. You start by betting the sum of the first and last numbers in the sequence. If you win, these numbers will be dropped, otherwise, your last bet will be added to the sequence. You do this until the entire sequence is eliminated!

Very flexible betting systemToo complicated for beginners
Working towards a clear profit targetNot suitable for long playing sessions

Baccarat Squeeze Not on GamStop Strategy #10: D’Alembert Betting System 

The D’Alembert is ideal for betting as the player or banker bet. This betting system assumes that you win anyway with ‘fiftyfifty bets’, even if you have an equal number of winning and losing outcomes.

You choose in advance for a basic bet (1% of your bankroll, for example, €1) that you increase by 1x when you lose and decrease by 1x when you win. So easy to apply. 

Low payoutsThe same house edge
Ideal for players with limited budgetsAvailable at all non GamStop casinos

Which Baccarat Strategy Should You Choose? 

For as long as baccarat variants have existed, players have been looking for ways to get better at the card game. The above baccarat strategies and systems are a nice consequence of that. They don’t guarantee a win, but they can help lower the house edge, minimize your losses, or increase your chances of a nice payout. 

What is the best tactic for baccarat? That’s a personal matter. The best baccarat strategy is a custom system, one that suits your level, playing style, and budget. 

Our recommendations below can help: 

Best Baccarat Strategies for Beginners 

Players new to baccarat should opt for strategies and systems that keep things as simple as possible. So no methods for which the game has to be analyzed or for which special calculations are needed to score effectively. 

That is why we recommend the following baccarat strategies to beginners: 

  • Baccarat One-Sided Strategy (BOSS)
  • 1-3-2-4 Baccarat Strategy

Baccarat Squeeze Not on GamStop Strategies for Advanced Players

With a little more experience, you can move on to more complex strategies and systems to win (big) at baccarat. Think of: 

  • Count cards 
  • Fibonacci strategy

Baccarat Squeeze Not on GamStop Strategies that Yield the Most Profit 

All of the strategies described in this guide can help improve your odds, minimize losses, and win more, but no strategy is a guarantee for a financial blow. Baccarat is and remains basically a game of chance, where luck is the deciding factor. With a clear strategy, you only lend that luck a helping hand. 

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