Safer Gambling Week: Tips for Responsible Gambling

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In recent years, online casinos have become very popular and are becoming a real leisure activity for some players. Of course, using money makes the whole thing exciting, so many people get a thrill out of the monotonous everyday life. At the same time, it poses a risk to everyone’s financial stability if it occurs outside of a controllable framework. That’s why we explain here how to play responsibly in a casino without losing self-control according to the Safer Gambling Week initiative.

Safer Gambling Week Tips for Responsible Gambling
Safer Gambling Week Tips for Responsible Gambling

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Playing Responsibly in Online Casinos – Preventing Gambling Addiction

Non Gamstop Gambling has always captivated people and, thanks to the Internet and modern technologies, it is now accessible from anywhere and at any time. While playing roulette, blackjack, poker, slot machines, etc. is purely a leisure activity for most players, for other people, the fun can quickly become serious and a problem of gambling addiction that should not be underestimated can manifest itself.

It is all the more important to be aware of responsible gaming to prevent the development of such problems at an early stage. But what exactly does that mean? In most cases, the operators of reputable online casinos provide helpful information on the subject or offer self-exclusion programs. Nevertheless, it is an advantage if you equip yourself with the necessary knowledge so that you do not run into financial or mental problems as a result of gambling.

The 5 Most Important Tips for Responsible Gambling

Never bet money that you cannot afford to lose

Think about whether you have the money left over, because in the worst-case scenario you could simply lose it while gambling. Are all bills paid? Do you have enough financial resources for your daily life and that of your family? Do you have enough reserves for emergencies? Only play if you can answer these questions with a clear yes.

Never Chase Your Losses

If you lose your bet on a game, you accept the loss. Under no circumstances should you start the next game because you want to make up for the previous loss. You could lose again and end up in a spiral of chasing losses and spiralling into serious debt without even realizing it.

Stop If Gambling Causes You Stress or Emotional Distress

Playing in the casino, whether online or offline, should first and foremost be fun and remain a pure leisure activity. If you feel stressed or uncomfortable while playing, stop playing immediately. Do another fun or relaxing activity and do not return to the casino until you can play with complete composure.

Only Play in Reputable Casinos

Nowadays, reputable online casinos often have very good analysis tools to detect problematic gaming behaviour among customers. The casinos then allow those affected to exclude themselves for a certain period. Reputable casinos can also refer you to the necessary addresses if you would like to get advice or help.

Don’t Be Afraid to Seek Advice

If you’re concerned about your own gambling behaviour, don’t be afraid to talk to other people about it. Especially in self-help groups or professional gambling addiction support organizations, you will quickly find advice without being judged or not taken seriously.

What Types of Gambling Addiction Are There?

Slots in Casinos & Restaurants

Gambling addiction and problematic gambling behaviour is not new problem and was known long before the first internet casinos were launched. The typical image of isolated people (mainly men) sitting in front of the slot machine for hours every day in the local arcade or bar still exists today. Habit, the need to be away from home and sometimes parallel alcohol addictions are important factors here.

Online Casinos

When gambling addiction develops in players as a result of excessive online gambling, other factors are usually in the foreground. Unlike in the casino or restaurant around the corner, the players remain completely anonymous. This makes them feel unobserved and out of the reach of negative judgments.

The Speed of Online Games

Another factor in the particular susceptibility to developing a gambling addiction when gaming online is the purely technical nature of these games. Not only are significantly higher stakes per game possible, but the games last significantly longer than the equivalents on real slot machines. Players without well-planned bankroll management can quickly lose track of their expenses.

Escape From Reality

What many forms of gambling addiction have in common is that those affected use intensive gaming to escape from reality. Private or professional problems are repressed instead of dealt with and the player subconsciously learns to associate gambling with a safe retreat. The fact that this will only increase your own problems in the long term is also ignored.

The Hunt for Big Money

Unsurprisingly, the most attractive games for most players are those that offer a large jackpot sum. The progressive jackpot games in online casinos in particular regularly reach heights that one would otherwise only associate with the main prize in the lottery. However, players often misjudge the chances of winning in online casinos and are tempted not to stop playing until they win big. Huge sums of money are used because it is known that jackpot slots only pay out when players bet the maximum amount.

The Consequences of Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction can manifest itself into a serious illness that undoubtedly requires professional help. Those affected are under an enormous psychological burden and the longer the disease remains untreated, the more serious the long-term consequences.

Financial Problems

Although there are gambling addicts who are sufficiently wealthy to not get themselves into financial difficulties through their gambling behaviour, this does not apply to most of those affected. Debts can quickly accumulate that the player will no longer be able to cope with at some point.

Social Isolation

Gambling addiction is often accompanied by shame, which can cause those affected to withdraw more and more. Not only do they not want to be seen playing, but gambling addiction can take such a toll on those affected’s thoughts that thoughts of family and friends no longer find room.

Enormous Psychological Stress

The constant urge to play puts enormous psychological strain on those affected. Especially if the player does not seek professional help, the situation often appears hopeless and in some of the most tragic known cases, desperation has led to serious crimes or suicide.

How to Recognize Gambling Addiction?

It is not always so easy to assess yourself or a close person and their gaming behaviour. Try to be as honest with yourself as possible. The following identifying signs should always be taken seriously and advice should be sought.

  • Feels compelled to play
  • Feels stress or anxiety when playing
  • Spends several hours every day playing
  • Avoids conversations about his playing behaviour
  • Reacts aggressively when asked about gambling
  • Loses interest in other activities that were otherwise fun

Prevention – Recognize the Risk Factors

Researchers of the Safer Gambling Week initiative have been working for years to find out the exact causes behind the development of problem gambling behaviour. So far there are no clear results as to what the main cause of gambling addiction is.

However, there are risk factors that both researchers and gambling addiction charities largely agree on and where you should be particularly careful if you find yourself in them.

Inherited Risk of Gambling Addiction

Some researchers have seen trends in studies that show that people are at a higher risk of developing gambling addiction if their parents or siblings also struggle with the problem.

Financial Worries

Players may hope to pay off financial debts or secure themselves financially through a lucky game.

Unresolved Conflicts or Problems

Players like to escape into the game to forget worries from other areas of life.

Mental Illness

People who suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder or depression, for example, may be particularly vulnerable.

Traumas From Childhood

Some therapists believe there is a connection between traumatic events in those affected’ childhood and their gambling addiction in adulthood.

The Exhilaration of Risk

Some people are much more willing to take risks than others and enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with gaming. The hormone is always released when the body senses a risk or danger. Each person reacts individually to the payout, some negatively, some very positively, which can become a problem when gambling.

Increased Dopamine Release

The messenger dopamine is connected to the body’s own reward system and learning processes. It triggers feelings of happiness when released. After a while, the body gets used to it and demands more. The danger is that the player wants to play for longer and longer and uses higher amounts to continue to feel the thrill.

By the way: purely statistically, age, gender and professional status also play a role in risk assessment. Middle-aged men with average annual incomes are most often affected by gambling addiction. In recent years, however, the number of female victims has increased significantly, with women primarily playing anonymously on the Internet.

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