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If you have been affected by the gambling problem of a loved one and can’t live with its harms, then joining a free service like Gam-Anon may be your perfect decision!

This service offers free assistance and advice in Canada, the United States, and through virtual meetings as well.

Gam-Anon Self-help Fellowship Review
Gam-Anon Self-help Fellowship Review

This fellowship is made up of men and women who have previously had the same problem and want to help people who are now with the same problem. However, this service does not provide ways to prevent the problem of gambling.

Support groups give people with gambling problems an opportunity to talk to each other, learn from their experiences, and deepen their understanding of the problem.

No ‘Magic’ Treatments

There are various forms of assistance available, but there is no “magic method” that will solve everything without any effort on your part. Not even in the form of medication.

Stopping or cutting back on excessive gambling is often a process of trial and error. The intention to stop or cut down is a necessary condition. But the intention alone is usually not enough.

It is also not possible to force someone to stop gambling. As long as the person does not support it himself, he or she will start gambling again as soon as the external pressure disappears.

What Works in Assistance?

Gam-Anon aid programme contains many elements that have proven to be effective, namely:

  • Provide Hope and Reassurance. Hope is contagious and if you have a strong sense that tomorrow will be better then this will transfer to your partner.
  • Using supportive medication, if appropriate. There is no pill against excessive gambling, but in some cases, medication can be prescribed as temporary support for severe depressive symptoms or sleep disorders.
  • Involving your partner and/or family in the treatment. If this proves appropriate.

Gam-Anon Problem Gambling Service Review

Are you addicted to gambling or do you know someone who is addicted to gambling? If your answer is yes, you can now sign up for the free Gam-Anon UK service, which provides you with advice and guidance to overcome this ordeal. This service is completely free and does not depend on any hard methods or software that is difficult to use. On the contrary, GamAnon UK relies on dialogue to unite perceptions of compulsive gambling and give hope for a better future.

Always remember that joining GamAnon UK or any other gambling recovery programme will not be sufficient to recover from problem gambling. The decision to change must come from within and be honest about it in order for you to actually recover from your gambling problem. In the following lines, we will give a brief review of GamAnon UK and how to use it.

What Is the Working Method of the GamAnon UK?

The first contact with the GamAnon UK usually starts with a telephone call to the information number or an e-mail. Then you will be referred to a local GamAnon UK meeting with the group’s contact person, usually a conversation facilitator. Because GamAnon UK is a self-help organization, the contact person is always an expert: someone who knows what it is like to be addicted to gambling or who has lived with a gambling addict.

This is usually followed by a personal introductory meeting where a supervisor explains how GamAnon UK works. It also indicates what is expected of the new group member. In this conversation, practical agreements about how to interact with each other in the group are explained. After that, someone can join the group almost immediately. They do not have a waiting list and joining the group costs virtually nothing.

Rules of the GamAnon UK

Many important rules apply to GamAnon UK. For example, the member must immediately stop gambling. In addition, participants are expected to attend weekly. Everyone remains anonymous and the member must have all finances and money matters managed for the time being by a friend or a relative. This review prepared by

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