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Absolutely nothing can make a gambler feel as frustrated as finding out that your Bet365 account has been locked or restricted. Maybe you were ready to place a live bet on your favourite team or you were on a winning streak but now you won’t be able to place a bet. Even worse, you will not be able to withdraw the balance that was on your account! In such situations, the player wonders; Why did that happen? What did I do wrong? Why was my Bet365 account restricted? In this article, we will answer these questions and give you instructions that you can follow to act in this situation.

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Why Does Bet365 Restrict Player Accounts?

First of all, we have to remind you that Bet365 is a big brand and it holds licenses in many countries around the world, especially the UK. Therefore, players’ account restrictions are often caused by a mistake made by punters. Therefore, we always recommend that you read the terms and conditions of the site to avoid restrictions on your account. In the next section, we will discuss the most prominent types of restrictions imposed by Bet365 on player accounts.

Many Failed Login Attempts

The number one reason casinos ban players’ accounts are because of failed registration attempts. However, it’s also the easiest problem you can solve! Whether it was you who tried to log in multiple times with the wrong data, or if someone else was trying to steal your account, you can simply click on the “Forget my password” tab. After that, follow the steps that the casino emails you to be able to recover your account again.

Attempt to Withdraw the Bonus Balance

Attempting to withdraw the bonus balance, or abuse the bonus, in general, is the most common reason for the suspension of your account at Bet 365. Each bonus comes with precise terms and conditions that you must follow to use it without your account being suspended. In general, you must fulfil the wagering requirements first before you can request a withdrawal of your winnings. In addition, you must not place stakes that exceed the value specified in the bonus conditions.

Attempt to Withdraw an Amount That Exceeds the Max Winnings

Another potential limitation you may encounter when playing at Bet365 is exceeding the max possible winnings. Like any other gambling operator, Bet365 does not like to lose a lot of money. So, it imposes a maximum winnings limit of €10,000 per month. If you have gained more than this amount in one month, it is better not to withdraw all the profits at once and to split them into multiple withdrawals. In addition, you must withdraw large profits to your bank account since this is the most suitable payment method for large transfers.

Verification Issues

Another common reason why your online casino account gets banned is that you did not submit the proper verification documents. All gambling sites, led by Bet365, are required to apply the Know Your Customer (KYC) protocol. Therefore, all participants are required to submit copies of their personal documents before requesting the withdrawal of their winnings. Fortunately, this issue is also easy to solve as all you have to do is contact customer service and send them your verification documents.

Violation of the Terms and Conditions

One of the most common reasons for the suspension of your Bet365 account is for breach of terms and conditions. To prevent this from happening in the first place, you should read the terms and conditions of service carefully before opening a new account at the casino. As Derek Bok, former president of Harvard University, once said, “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance!”

Casino Detected a Duplicate Account

This is also a common occurrence with Bet365 and all other gambling sites. Players register more than one account to get more rewards or to implement certain betting strategies. For gambling sites, this practice is very harmful because it is inconsistent with the directives of the organizing committees, and is detrimental to marketing studies. Moreover, this practice is easy to spot, especially when trying to withdraw profits. Therefore, we advise you to avoid it completely.

Your bet365 Casino Account Blocked – How Do You Solve This Issue?

  1. Calmly Contact Customer Support

First, you should always contact the support service. On the casino website, you will usually find an email address, phone number, and/or the option of a live chat.

Explain your problem clearly and, above all, be polite. Keep in mind; the customer service agent most likely did not decide to ban you!

If you contact the casino, you will in any case need to know your login name. In addition, they will – in most cases – ask some verification questions to make sure they are dealing with the right person. If you write to customer service by e-mail, you must do so from the e-mail address you also registered with.

  1. Send the Required Documents

There are several reasons why your account may be blocked. In many cases, the customer service agent will ask you to send some documents. Send it in the correct form and then wait for a reply.

Sometimes Bet365 agent asks for a copy of your passport or identity card, or they ask for an invoice with your current address on it. In such cases, the data must match the data as it is in your account.

Bet365 sets certain requirements for the documents that you must send. In addition to requirements for validity, there are sometimes also requirements for the form. For example, a photo must be in JPG and not exceed a certain size. You can optionally use the website to convert photos into other formats and make them larger or smaller.

Contact Bet365 Via Social Media

The advantage of a message on social media to Bet365 is that everyone who follows you can also see that message. Sometimes Bet365 respond faster via social media than via their customer service that is not public such as via email and live chat. A message via Twitter or Facebook can sometimes do wonders.

  1. Contact Your Affiliate Portal

If you cannot find a solution with the customer service of Bet365 and you still think that you are within your rights, you can contact your affiliate. Your affiliate is the intermediary through whom you started playing at an online casino.

Your affiliate sometimes has direct contact at Bet365 and can mean something to you in exceptional situations. However, the affiliate is not obliged to do this and not all affiliates will come to the rescue for you.

  1. Contact the Gaming Authority

The UKGC only supervises compliance with the laws and regulations of online casinos not on gamstop. In principle, it is not an agency that consumers can turn to, although that may change in the future.

However, if you have a complaint about Bet365 in which you believe that the online casino is violating the law, you can contact the regulator. Likely, you cannot expect quick feedback from the UKGC, but it can be a remedy.

Escalate Your Issue on Media 

The media will only want to pay attention to your case if something really remarkable is going on. If your Bet365 account has been blocked because you played on someone else’s account, or secretly played with someone else during a poker game, the media will not pay attention to your case. But if you have something exceptional or you get no response at all, that may be enough for an article or report.

With media, you don’t just have to think of the newspaper or a television program. Authoritative websites can sometimes also have enough impact to at least have the case looked at again. 

  1. Hire an Attorney

If you feel that you are in your right, but cannot find support from Bet365 itself, your affiliate, the Gaming Authority, or a consumer organization, you could consider hiring a lawyer.

Hiring an attorney to draft letters and possibly file a lawsuit against Bet365 is a costly affair. If you are right, some of the costs incurred can be reimbursed, but that will take a long time.

Only consider hiring a lawyer if you are sure that you are in the right. If you have broken the rules but do not think those rules are fair, or if you think that the online casino cannot prove that you have broken those rules, it is often better to try to find another solution.

Play at Another Bookmaker

After all, if all the solutions we have offered so far failed, the alternative may be to sign up for another sports betting site. In the following list, we have collected for you the most prominent sports betting sites that do not lag behind 365 in any feature:

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